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Digital Leaders Visit Mobius VR Lab

29th Jan 2020
Holme Grange Digital Leaders are pupils who are training up to be experts and advocates of using technologies to help solve real world problems… or are they just having fun with the many robots and microcomputers available! They are also ambassadors and peer mentors for the school community and can often be found assisting in the maintenance and administration of IT equipment. Staff and pupils alike can ask them for assistance where technology is concerned.
This week the Leaders went to Mobius at Work who are a creative office design company. Their fully immersive experience allows you to walk around your new workplace in stunning virtual reality, before the experienced team turn your vision into reality.

A virtual reality experience can help you visualise new products and at Mobius at Work, seven Holme Grange pupils Digital were able to view the interiors of building from hotels in Dubai to office suites in Barcelona.

3D VR Visualisations are a key part of understanding any design and many companies are using the technology to ensure clients fully understand a new product they may wish to use. The biggest positive impact can be on the environment as clients do not have to travel to attend face-to-face meetings and potential customers wishing to use any product can experience visually all that there is to see about the product.

The students had a great time and found it so helpful to see how the technology being used commercially.