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Dick Moore at Holme Grange

21st Jan 2019

7 years ago, Dick Moore’s life changed dramatically with the news of his son’s suicide. Since, after dealing with what he describes as a “tsunami of grief”, in an attempt to positively affect the lives of others, Dick travels the UK, and globally, spreading his message related to emotional wellbeing to children, staff and parents on behalf of the Charlie Waller Trust.

We warmly welcomed Dick to Holme Grange on Thursday 17th as part of our Lecture Series, to talk to staff, then parents later in the evening. The first session with staff was focused on what we as teachers can do and the systems we have in school. In the parent session Dick focused on things parents could look at and approaches to adopt for handling situations.

One can’t come away from Dick’s talks without feeling profoundly moved, reflecting on one’s own experiences and those close to us, and perhaps committing to act differently in the future, and we are enormously grateful to Dick for sharing his important message with us.

Next in line for our visiting speaker programme is Hester Bancroft who will talk around the topics of Risk and Resilience, a presentation aimed at both pupils (Y7+) and parents: 26th March, 7pm.