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Computing and ICT

Children grow up in a rapidly developing world where technology is ever more significant in their lives. Information and Communication Technology (ICT) provision at Holme Grange seeks to address this important part of the lives of pupils, through practical work and thought processes which develop their understanding. A culture is fostered where children are fluent in their ICT skills while able to make informed decisions about the best method of approach, ICT or otherwise, for a particular task. The implications of technologies are considered both for how we live now and for what the future may hold, both at home and in the workplace.

“Over three quarters of the UK workforce use IT in their jobs yet 1 in 10 businesses say there are gaps in the IT skills they need.” Extract from research by e-skills UK

If we are to prepare pupils for the workplace, then they need to be equipped with IT skills to support the wide variety of demands that may be placed on them.


Computer Science is an exciting subject, often entirely new to pupils, and involves understanding electron logic gates, calculations is binary and hexadecimal, as well as understanding databases and networks.

Computer Science is taught across the school and is an optional GCSE subjects.