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Bushcraft at Holme

24th May 2021

On Friday 14th May, Year 3 and 4 Prep students at Holme Grange School took part in Bushcraft day as they practiced their outdoor learning skills and developed an understanding of the natural environment through a variety of activities. Students took part in nature walks, building shelters using nearby forested materials, painted in camouflage, reading and interpreting maps, manhunt games, learning how to start a fire and having a delicious picnic outside.

Bushcraft provided students with the opportunity to experience the wilderness firsthand and learn new skill sets whilst also being close to Holme

Pupils express their opinion of the day:

Alex: “It made me feel like an explorer because of all the fun activities.”

Channan: “I enjoyed our nature walk and having the chance to do bird watching with my friends.”

Genevieve: “When I put on my camouflage I felt like a ninja.”

Lucy: “I liked making the dens for the characters we created in our English story”

Lauren: “It was fun learning how to protect nature”

Mr Boynes, Head of Prep School is quoted saying “I’m so pleased that the children enjoyed their (alternative) Bushcraft experience this year. We couldn’t replicate the Bushcraft trip entirely but wanted to provide a bit of the magic that the trip brings and leave the children with some memories. I want to thank the staff for their efforts in making the day special for the children.’.