The Big Draw at HG Monday 31st October – SAVE THE DATE!

The Big Draw is the world’s biggest drawing festival and events are held all over the country for people of all ages and abilities to participate in various forms of drawing. We are holding our own Big Draw events which are open to all pupils and parents. Members of the public may also book a place at either of the two workshops listed below.

Pupils will be able to take part in drawing activities at break times, lunchtime and after school.

Parents and families may book a place at either of the two workshops listed below and they may also drop in to the Art room from 4-6pm.

Memory Box Nicho Workshop 10:15am – 12:15pm

At this time of year, many people around the world remember and celebrate the lives of people who have died.  In Mexico, many people make a memory box, called a “nicho” to remember loved ones who have died, decorating them with images of things that they remember about the person. The Art and DT departments have collaborated in a workshop where you can make a “nicho” for someone.  It could be for someone close to you or for somebody who has inspired you in some way.  Please email Mrs Saynor at  to book a place at the workshop if you would like to make one.  If you cannot make it to the workshop, but would still like to make one, please also contact Mrs Saynor, so that she can cut one for you.

We are hoping that you would also like to display your nicho at St Paul’s Church, Wokingham, as part of their All Soul’s Mass on 2nd November 2016.


Draw with Robots 10:30am – 12:30pm

Draw a picture by controlling a robot!  Holme Grange’s ICT Department has a number of devices that can be adapted to draw. Come and see how well you can control technology to draw pictures on a large scale.  Please email Mrs Saynor at if you would like to book a place. For more information about these robots, visit