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Arts4Wokingham Workshop

Arts4Wokingham has selected award winning artist, Nicola Anthony, to create a permanent public sculpture in Wokingham. This will be located at Wokingham’s new sports, leisure and cultural complex, The Carnival Hub.


Holme Grange School are hosting a workshop with Nicola Anthony for people across Wokingham Borough to try some fun creative activities and have their story become part of the future public artwork. This workshop is for people of all ages and abilities and will take place between 11am – 12.30pm on Friday 24th June. She hopes to capture your thoughts and inspirations to become part of the sculpture. The workshop will give participants a chance to meet the artist and also to take part in a creative activity. For more information about the project visit: Arts4Wokingham


Nicola Anthony studios will build a large public sculpture on the subject of people, places, words, and how we connect to the spaces and places we live in. The Arc will be a monumental, sculptural poem: it’s playful form swirling organically overhead, rising from the ground and appearing differently from all angles. Engaging both mind and senses, words will be projected via silhouettes, shadows and light refractions during the day, further enhanced by lighting at night, enabling this sculpture to dynamically expand into the surrounding space. The words which come together to make this poem will be sourced from the community in story-telling, meditation, and sharing sessions with the artist. The subject is: ‘Experience each moment’, focusing on a sense of wellbeing and finding moments of joy.

Nicola says: “Through guided observational sessions I have begun to gather words, sentences, sentiments from people. This is then edited into an abstract poem, which will form the words in the sculpture. This collaborative process will source meaningful phrases for the finished sculpture which represent Wokingham’s dynamic culture and future, aiming to showcase diverse backgrounds and perspectives. It will provoke a poetic curiosity in newcomers, and connect deeply with those who know Wokingham.”


To book a place at the workshop please fill out the form below. Please note that there are 20 places available in this workshop.


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