Scholarships are awarded on merit to the highest achievers in competitive examinations and assessments. Candidates who win awards will have an outstanding ability and the school will undertake to nurture that talent. Scholars will be expected to make a major contribution to the school.

Awards of varying value, from 5% to 25% of the tuition fees are awarded in Academic, Sport, Art and Drama categories and at the Head’s discretion, to ‘All-rounders.’ Means-tested bursaries can be awarded to supplement a Scholarship.

If you would like to apply for a scholarship at 11+ or 13+ please complete the application form. In addition please submit on a separate piece of paper a hand written application letter from your child (in their own words), in under 200 words, explaining why they feel they should be considered and what they will do to contribute to the life of the school. Those not currently at Holme Grange should also submit a Registration form with the accompanying Registration Fee (£200). 

Please click on the link to see the Scholarship Brochure. 

Scholarships 2018

An academic scholar is someone genuinely interested in the life of the mind. A Scholar has a desire to know, and a desire to build the skills to allow understanding. A Scholar is inquisitive, asking questions and not being satisfied until they are adequately answered. A Scholar may have specialised aptitudes, perhaps in mathematics, the acquisition of languages, a mastery of science or a particularly vivid imagination. A Scholar is persistent, not giving up at the first hint of difficulty.

Our Scholarship entrance process seeks to identify those with a mind receptive to development, to challenge and to opportunities Award winners will be the academic leaders of their generation.

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    Scholarship entrance test papers do not require any formal knowledge beyond the normal age appropriate syllabuses. They are not designed to test additional role learning beyond these, rather they are designed in an open-ended way to test skills, aptitude and intellectual potential.


    With our excellent pupil to staff ratio, Holme Grange can guarantee its Scholars the personal and professional attention that their talents deserve. In recognition of our provision for the more able pupil, we were awarded the NACE Challenge Award in November 2013. Academic Scholars will be challenged and stimulated both within and without the confines of the curriculum.

    From an early stage in Eaton Grange, pupils are given the opportunity to make presentations and lead discussions on their studies. Beyond the curriculum, many organised activities provide the opportunity to develop powers of initiative and leadership.

    Our careers and Higher Education Advisers will take a special interest in encouraging Scholars, as well as all other pupils, to seek the most exciting opportunities beyond school.

    Sport Scholarship

    For boys in Y7&8 the principal sports are Football, Rugby and Cricket. For girls, they are Hockey, Netball and Rounders. Both boys and girls participate in a range of other sports including basketball, athletics, swimming, cross country, tennis and table tennis. Some additional sports will be explored in Y9 using our own and off site facilities for squash, badminton, golf, water sports etc.

    It is expected that candidates for a Sport Scholarship will play sport outside school, at least at club level, and will have the potential to play at county or national level in one of the principal sports played at Holme Grange.

    Candidates will be asked to participate in a practical assessment:

    • General warm up and abilities
    • Demonstration of skills in the candidate’s chosen sport where possible
    • Candidates should wear clothing appropriate to assessment in an indoor hall, where they will be assessed on their fitness and skills. All equipment will be provided.
    • Dance may be offered as additional components of the audition

    Drama Scholarship

    Holme Grange has an enviable reputation for its Drama, performing arts, musical theatre and LAMDA provision. With the plans currently awaiting permission to build, we anticipate work on the 350 seat theatre starting in the early part of 2015, with a proposed finish date of January 2016.

    To date, we have showcased several productions in addition to a varied programme of smaller events which we intend to build on further. Our pupils undertake work towards being awarded the Arts Award (Bronze in Y7, Silver in Y8 and Gold in Y9). We aim to enable pupils to enjoy a wide range of theatrical experiences and to develop the artistic and technical knowledge of our pupils.

    Candidates will be asked to perform:

    • A prepared monologue (max 2 minutes) of the candidate’s own choice
    • Singing and Dance may be offered as additional components of the audition

    Art Scholarship

    The superb standard of the School Art Department, encompasses various material based studies:

    Fine Art: Drawing, painting, printmaking, sculpture, mixed media, digital photography and computer graphics. 3D design : ceramics (modelling, sculpture, pottery)

    Art Scholars will benefit from regular visits to exhibitions in the UK and Europe. These visits will generate research into the work of artists, designers and art movements.

    • Candidates should bring a portfolio of recent artwork, including sketchbooks.
    • Candidates will be expected to discuss their work and give a guided viewing of the portfolio
    • Candidates will sit a two hour practical task, for which no preparation is necessary

    Scholars will hold their awards throughout their school careers subject to satisfactory progress and conduct: we expect Scholars to be leaders of their generation in their field of scholarship. The curricular obligations of Scholars are detailed below.

    In order to process your Scholarship application, please submit a scholarship application form. For those not currently at Holme Grange a Registration form and non refundable fee of £150 should accompany the completed application. Registration and scholarship forms accompany this brochure.

    Attendance at Holme Grange requires that scholars conduct themselves in a manner that will assure success throughout life.


    Holme Grange has an outstanding reputation for Music and we are awaiting plans to create a new music school and drama suite which will be incorporated into the new Theatre / Hall.

    Music scholars will receive instrumental tuition in school, the cost of all or part of which may be covered by the Scholarship at the discretion of the Head, in consultation with the Director of Music.

    Music Scholars will be expected to be fully involved in the work of the School’s many ensembles, including Choir, orchestra etc. and their instrumental progress will be closely monitored throughout their time in the school.

    Music Scholars will participate in a rich programme of opportunity. Candidates will not necessarily be expected to have passed any specific grade examination of the recognised boards although it is anticipated that the vast majority will have done so. The audition panel is specifically looking for musicianship, the potential to develop a mature musicality and a technique that will facilitate this. Candidates are expected to be able to play fluently at the following minimum standards on their main instrument:

    • 11+ (for Y7 Entry) Grade 4
    • 13+ (for Y9 Entry) Grade 5

    At audition, candidates will be required to play two pieces on their first instrument and one on their second instrument. In addition candidates will be asked to sight read on their main instrument, complete aural tests appropriate to their highest level of performance and have an interview in which they will be encouraged to talk about their own music making, musical tastes and aspirations.

    Expectations of all Scholars

    As a scholar at Holme Grange, each scholar is expected to:-

    • Attend and arrive on time every day with all required materials.
    • Exhibit our core values of citizenship, a love of learning, and self-control at all times and live the ‘Holme Grange Way’.
    • Follow the student code of conduct.
    • Follow the student dress code.
    • Complete all homework tasks set.
    • Participate in before-school or after-school tutoring sessions if necessary.
    • Participate in enrichment, community service and activities.
    • Work on improving or maintaining health and physical fitness.
    • Accept responsibility for their behaviour.
    • Treat Staff and all pupils with the utmost respect.
    • Participate enthusiastically in School life, e.g. Sport, drama, music, academic.