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Fees for the academic year 2021 – 2022 (per term)

Eaton Grange  
Years 9-11 £5,380
Years 7-8 £5,225
Years 5-6 £5,005
Years 3-4 £4,890
Years 1-2 £3,860
Reception £3,795*
Nursery (all day) £3,555*
Nursery (mornings) £2,100*
Nursery (afternoons) £2,040*


*Note this represents full fees and details of fees for children entitled to the Government Early Years’ Funding for 3 and 4 years old are available below.

Breakfast Club is charged at £4.00 per day.

After school care in Little Grange and Reception will be £11.40 per session, including tea.  Sandwiches for Years 1 and 2 will be £2.25 per day.

Learning Support lessons              £207.50 per term per block of half hour sessions.

Music lessons                                    £245.00 per term (10 lessons)

Learning Support and Music lessons are payable in advance.

Payment of Fees

All fees are paid termly in advance. The fees are inclusive of Personal Accident Insurance Scheme lunches, drinks – milk or squash, text books (including GCSE) and exercise books and some stationery. Extras include outings, Music lessons, Trinity College London (Speech and Drama) and Learning Support lessons. Fees are due on or before the first day of term. Parents can pay the fees and extras by cheque or directly into the School bank account, details of which are noted on the bill. One full term’s notice is required for cancellation of all Optional Lessons and must be served in writing before the first day of the term before lessons are to cease. Notice will be acknowledged in writing. Parents can also opt to pay by Direct Debit whereby a year’s total fees (not including extras) are divided into ten months with payment on the first day of each month (September to June inclusive) with no interest charged. Any queries concerning fees/ extras should be addressed to the Finance Office.

Government Early Years Free Entitlement (EYFE)

Children aged 3 and 4 are entitled to access 15 hours of EYFE a week for up to 38 weeks of the year. Your child qualifies for this free entitlement from the academic term following their 3rdbirthday until the end of the term of your child’s 5th birthday. It may be applied in both Little Grange and Reception years.

The EYFE at Holme Grange School is offered between the hours of 09.00-12.00 or 13.00-16.00 within a package of integrated early learning and care subject to availability. This is offered over the full school week, Monday to Friday inclusive, over our academic year of 34 weeks.

The EYFE is shown without any monetary value on termly fee invoices. Any additional services which the parents may opt for are charged in addition.

Within Wokingham Borough there are a variety of EY providers offering the free entitlement. Some may offer the free entitlement only, without access to any additional services, others offer it over fewer hours of the week. Parents are encouraged to choose a service provider which best meets their needs. Holme Grange School offers term time sessions to fit in with the free entitlement over a 34 week academic year only.