Little Grange – Early Years (Age 3 to 4)

Children may be admitted into Little Grange when they are rising three years of age, i.e. they may start in the Autumn term if their third birthday falls before 31st December, Spring term before 31st March and Summer term before 31st August.

To establish a good routine Little Grange children start with a minimum of five morning or five afternoon sessions which may or may not include lunch, whichever is your preference. Depending on the individual needs of each child lunches and afternoon sessions may also be added on request. Children may join at any point during the year subject to availability. We recommend that children should be toilet trained before starting school.

In the Summer Term of the academic year a child turns 4, we encourage all children to attend some full days if they are not already doing so in order to prepare them for full time attendance when they join Reception.

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    Most of the pupils who join the Reception class, do so from Little Grange however there is usually space available to admit a small number of pupils from other settings.

    Throughout the year, Little Grange and Reception children will take part in cross curricular Early Years sessions. These can range from activities for Harvest Festival to Physical Development mornings. This will allow Little Grange and Reception children to keep close bonds which will help when the Little Grange children move up to the Reception year.

    During the Summer Term, a Reception teacher (teacher alternates one week to the next) will visit Little Grange to work with small groups in a range of different curriculum areas. This will help the children to familiarise themselves with the adults that work in the Reception classroom. The Little Grange children are also offered 2 sessions for them to visit the Reception classroom for activities with the current Reception children. These are highly valuable for both the children and the staff and are encouraged for all to attend. Children joining from outside of Little Grange will also be offered these dates so that they can familiarise themselves with the other children, staff and facilities offered in Reception. Alongside this, a member of the Reception teaching staff will go on a visit to the child’s current pre-school or nursery to see both the child in a familiar setting and to also speak to staff about how the child has settled in their setting.

    The Reception staff will also offer a meet the teacher style meeting in July for all parents to come and meet the teacher of their child. At this meeting, a PowerPoint presentation will introduce routines and key information to new parents to Holme Grange and to the parents of Little Grange children. Parents will be advised of the dates for these at the start of the Summer Term. Parents will also be invited to a meet the teacher session within the first few weeks of school starting in September, which will cover more on the curriculum and daily routines within the Reception classroom.

    In the first two weeks of the Autumn term, the Head of Pre Prep will call parents of all new children that are new to the school. The Little Grange Manager will speak to the new children that have joined Little Grange. They will check with the parents to discuss how their child is settling in at Holme Grange.

    Year 1 to 6

    For entry to Year 1 to Year 6, pupils will spend a day with their current year group and are given an informal assessment to establish their level of ability and to allow us to place them in the most appropriate form. This assessment takes the form of discussion, and non-verbal reasoning assessments.

    Pupils can enter the School at any time during the school year if there is a place available.

    If a child has a learning difficulty, a further special needs specialist may be involved. A report will be required from the current school.

    Eaton Grange – Year 7 to 11

    For Pupils Already at Holme Grange

    Parents are invited to have a meeting with the Head teacher in the summer term of Y5 and autumn term of Y6 to discuss the most suitable secondary school options for each child. Where Holme Grange is considered to be an appropriate setting for the child to continue with their education, whether to Y8 or to Y11, they will be given priority over any applications from pupils not attending Holme Grange.

    There will be no assessment necessary as we pride ourselves in knowing our pupils well and already have the information required to make an informed decision. Any pupil applying for a scholarship will be required to be assessed as detailed below.

    For Pupils New to Eaton Grange

    An assessment day will be held in January preceeding the academic year a child is applying to join. All candidates registering for entry to the School in Eaton Grange will sit papers in English, Mathematics and Science set by the School and based upon work covered in Key Stage 2 of the National Curriculum (for Y7) or Key Stage 3 curriculum (Y9)

    Candidates will also sit entry tests in Verbal and Non Verbal Reasoning and they will have an interview with the Headteacher. A report will be required from the current school.