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Acceptance Form

 I / We accept the place which has been offered to us for my / our child (named above), on the terms of: 

  • the letter containing that offer together with any Conditions of Award attached 
  • this Acceptance Form 
  • the School’s Terms and Conditions, enclosed with the offer letter 

I / We acknowledge receipt of a copy of the current School rules which I / we have read and have drawn to my / our child’s attention. 

Cancellation rights 

I / We understand that we may cancel this agreement at any time within 14 days of the date of acceptance only if the offer is made and accepted entirely at distance by means of post, fax or electronic communication. 


Declarations by the Parents / legal guardians 

I / We declare as individuals and jointly that: 

  • Terms and conditions: Before signing this acceptance form I / we have read and understood and I / we agree to the School’s Terms and Conditions and, where appropriate, the Conditions of Award of a bursary or scholarship, which will undergo reasonable change from time to time. I / We have retained a copy of the School’s Terms and Conditions with our records.
  • Disclosures: I / We have already provided and will continue to provide details of any medical condition, health problem or allergy affecting my / our child; any learning difficulty, disability, or special educational need of my / our child, as well as any behavioural, emotional and / or social difficulty of my / our child (for example dyslexia, dyspraxia, attention deficit disorder, visual or hearing impairment or any condition requiring use of a wheelchair). I / We attach in confidence details of any relevant information received since my / our previous disclosure. 
  • Medical matters: I / We attach in confidence all relevant information about any medical condition, health problem, or allergy which affects my / our child and / or which may prevent my / our child from taking a full part in the School’s academic and games or sports curriculum, and outdoor activities. 
  • Court orders: Where I am / we are separated or divorced, I / we have informed the School of this. I / We have also disclosed all court orders or criminal proceedings in relation to my / our child and all court orders, criminal proceedings, statutory demands or bankruptcy petitions relating to either parent (including any court orders relating to financial matters). I / We will disclose any subsequent court orders, criminal proceedings, statutory demands or bankruptcy petitions to the School.
  • Parental responsibility: I / We both have parental responsibility (i.e. legal responsibility) for the child named above. I / We confirm that no other person’s consent is required for the child to attend the School.
  • Current and previous schools: I / We confirm that fees payable to my / our child’s current and any previous schools have been paid or will be paid in full before my / our child enters the School. Except as disclosed in a confidential letter attached to this acceptance form, my / our child has not been withdrawn from or been asked to leave another school as a result of misconduct and is not under investigation and has not been convicted of any criminal offence.
  • Cancellation or Withdrawal: Except where the cancellation rights described above apply or where otherwise provided in the School’s Terms and Conditions I / we will not cancel my / our acceptance of this place or withdraw my / our child from the School without first giving a Term’s Written Notice or paying a Term’s Fees in accordance with the School’s Terms and Conditions. This clause shall not apply in respect of clause 9.4 in which I / We must provide two Terms’ Written Notice in order to Withdraw my / our child from the School. Please see Section 9 of the School’s Terms and Conditions for further information about Notice, Cancellation and Withdrawal.
  • Documents: I / We confirm that before signing this acceptance form, I / we have seen or had an opportunity to see all the documents referred to in the School’s Terms and Conditions.
  • Confirmation of declarations: I / We confirm that the declarations made on this Acceptance Form are true and that I / We have disclosed all information required in the declarations. I / We understand and agree that the School has the right to terminate this contract for educational services immediately if any declaration is found to be untrue.


Authorities given by the Parents / legal guardians 

I / We give the following express authorities on behalf of myself / ourselves and (so far as I am / we are entitled to do so) on behalf of my / our child. 

  • Commencement of services: I / We consent to the School providing educational services to my / our child if s/he starts as a pupil at the School within 14 days of the date of this acceptance form. 
  • Data protection: I / We have read and agree to the Data Protection Information Notes attached to the School’s Terms and Conditions and I / we consent so far as is required to the School obtaining, using and holding personal data including sensitive personal data such as medical information, to be processed lawfully and fairly in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998, for the purposes of safeguarding and promoting the welfare of my / our child and ensuring that all relevant legal obligations of the School and ourselves are complied with.

I / We have read the School’s privacy notice document which is published on the School’s website and which explains how the School processes personal information. 

  • School fees: I / We consent to the School at any time making enquiries of my / our child’s current or previous schools for confirmation that all sums due and owing to such school(s) have been paid and I / we consent to the School informing any other school or educational establishment to which I / we propose sending my / our child if any Fees of this School are unpaid. I / We also consent to the School making reasonable enquiries of relevant third parties (for example credit reference agencies) about my / our financial means in appropriate circumstances. 
  • Educational visits and transport: I / We consent to my / our child taking part in all educational visits while s/he is a pupil at the School. I / We also consent to the Pupil travelling by any form of public transport and / or in a motor vehicle driven by a responsible adult who is duly licensed and insured to drive a vehicle of that type. 
  • Consent for Photographs: I/We give permission for photographs and digital images of my child or their work to appear in the School’s printed publications, website, School Twitter account and where appropriate in press articles relating to the School’s activities. I understand that the images will be used only to promote and celebrate Holme Grange School and the work of children attending the school and that my child’s full name will not be disclosed with any image that is used unless done so by the press. We also respectfully ask that, when taking photos at School events, parents do not post pictures of any child other than their own, without the prior consent of the parents of any child who may be included in a photograph. In the EYFS setting photography or videotaping is not permitted. I/ We understand that the School may seek specific consent from me / us before using a photograph or video recording where the School considers that the use is more privacy intrusive. Where the Pupil is of sufficient maturity (usually when aged 12 years or older) I/We understand that the School may seek the Pupil’s specific prior consent in addition to or instead of my/ our consent.


Signatures of Parents / legal guardians 

I / We have made a bank transfer for £300.00 being the Acceptance Deposit which will be held without payment of interest in the general account of the School in accordance with the School’s Terms and Conditions referred to above. 

Bank details: NatWest, Wokingham

Sort code: 602421 

Account Name: Holme Grange Ltd

Account Number: 67352634 


Holme Grange Limited: a Company Limited by Guarantee 

Registered in England, Company Number: 00900240Registered Office: Holme Grange Limited, Holme Grange School, Heathlands Road, Wokingham, Berkshire RG40 3AL 

Registered Charity Number: 309105