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Admissions Process

To find out more about life at Holme Grange first-hand we recommend booking a tour with Registrar Mrs Julia Braithwaite.

Entry to Little Grange and Reception is based upon informal discussions between parents and the Headteacher. From Year 1 upwards, entry is based upon an Assessment Day during which baseline assessment tests are given in Verbal and Non-verbal Reasoning. This entry process is designed to identify pupils who can benefit from our balanced and well-rounded education and to make a positive contribution towards the life of our school.

If you are interested in registering, you will be required to complete a Registration Form and pay a non-refundable fee of £200.

Two terms prior to your child starting, you will receive an Offer Letter and will need to complete the Acceptance Form with a payment of £300 deposit. This is refunded at the end of your child’s final term at Holme Grange.

Please note: A confidential letter addressed to the Headteacher can be sent if there are any matters of which we ought to be aware before your child enters the School. Parents have a responsibility to inform the prospective school of any issues/conditions and disclose any reports both medical and academic relating to the applicant. Withholding information may necessitate the school reviewing their offer of a place. For further information please contact the Registrar Mrs Julia Braithwaite.

Phases of Holme Grange School

Our Admissions Process