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More Able Gifted and Talented

More Able Gifted and Talented

It may still be the case that for many, an MAGT programme remains the preserve of a group of children who academically sit towards the top end, attainment-wise, of a year’s cohort. It is for us at Holme Grange too – we must, and do challenge our high performers with opportunities to stretch and challenge – be that essay competitions, debating, science “Top of the Bench” competitions, exhibition visits, and philosophical thinking to name but a few opportunities out of the classroom, or the result of individual challenge plans in specific subjects, guiding the provision in class.

“A rising tide lifts all ships”

Joseph Renzulli

Also please see our ‘Challenge For All’ section as that is our constant challenge to both pupils and staff to strive for greater things.

Holme Grange are committed to ensuring that “Challenge” – it’s a thing for us, so we’ve capitalised it – is a facet of each child’s educational experience. That’s why we invest in working with educational experts to help develop and keep up to date our professional knowledge and skills. Learning certainly isn’t just for the pupils and we see ourselves as a learning community. Do ask us about the latest projects we’re working on in research groups – we’d be delighted to tell you about them.