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A Celebration of Academic Excellence

25th Aug 2023

Holme Grange School is thrilled to announce another year of exceptional GCSE and BTEC results for Year 11 students. This triumph serves as a testament to the unwavering dedication of our students and the unparalleled commitment of staff. As an independent school catering to a broad spectrum of abilities, Holme Grange stands firm in our belief that there should be no ceiling to what any pupil can achieve. Each student is viewed as a unique individual, with a potential that deserves to be celebrated, nurtured, and fulfilled. The results this year are a powerful affirmation of this ethos. With an impressive 96% overall pass rate, Holme Grange continues to soar above national averages, further cementing our reputation as an institution synonymous with top-tier education tailored to individual needs.

Highlight results include:

– A stellar 100% pass rate in Further Maths, Food Technology, Sciences, Computer Science, DT, Geography, and languages including French, German, and Spanish.

– A commendable 64% of French candidates secured a grade 8 or 9.

– An impressive 60% of Spanish candidates and 68% in Chemistry were awarded the highest grades of 7 to 9.

– Humanities students also achieved strongly, with 43% of Geographers, 44% in Religious Studies, and 65% of Historians securing grades between 7 to 9.

– An overall 41% of grades were at the pinnacle of academic achievement, with each faculty proudly represented.

– For BTEC, the success is equally remarkable, celebrating a 100% pass rate, of which 52% achieved a Distinction or higher, and a notable 29% were awarded the prestigious Distinction Star.

In a year where national results have fallen below last summer’s figures, pupils have showcased resilience, determination, and brilliance. Despite these national predictions, the school’s results reflect not only high percentages but also the breadth and depth of excellence across various subjects.

Claire Robinson, Head of Holme Grange School commented, “I cannot express how proud I am of our students and congratulate each and every one of them on their achievements. I wish to extend my heartfelt gratitude to our exceptional team – both our teachers and teaching assistants. Staff and students have once again shown the ‘Holme Grange Way’ – a commitment to facilitating an environment where every child can, and does, excel. Special congratulations to Seamus, Ruby, and Raeis. Seamus achieved a remarkable 7 grade 9s, 2 grade 8s, and 1 grade 7. Ruby, an embodiment of consistent excellence, secured 7 grade 9s, while Raeis shone with 5 grade 9s. Ruby and Seamus, who have been at Holme Grange through the Prep school into Eaton Grange, have shown remarkable progress coupled with an inspiring work ethic. The attitude to learning displayed by all three is commendable. Yet, the accolades do not just rest with top grades. Many of the pupils have surpassed their own expectations, reaching pinnacles they once deemed insurmountable. Many individual ‘Everests’ have been met, and many more challenges conquered. We couldn’t be prouder. To our triumphant students and our incredible staff: Congratulations. Your achievements today echo the dedication, commitment, and passion that define Holme Grange.”