Ava Tree Water Drone conquers Amazon!

Ava T in Year 3 has won the regional ‘Design a Drone’ competition. Ava was awarded the top spot for designing her Tree Water drone, which would deliver water to help irrigate forests. Amazon and the UK Civil Aviation Authority announced the winner at Friday’s school assembly where winning student Ava T was presented with gift baskets of STEM prizes, Fire Tablets, and a £1,000 donation for the school by a representative from Amazon.

The contest garnered over 1,700 entries, raising awareness of how to fly drones safely and the potential benefits of the technology Ava will now progress to the next round with a chance to be named UK winner.

One national winner will be selected from the 12 regional finalists and have the opportunity to travel to the Amazon Prime Air Lab in Cambridge, UK, where their design will be exhibited for a year.

Jonathan Nicholson, Assistant Director of Communications at the CAA, said: “All the entries were absolutely amazing and it was great to see so many students showing an interest in drones. By the time they are adults, drones could well be playing key roles in everyday life. But for that to happen we need everyone who flies a drone now to do so safely.”