Mrs Claire Robinson has been Headteacher at Holme Grange since 2009. We have a highly dedicated group of teachers and support staff who work together to create a very special environment for the children in our care.

Headteacher: Mrs C L Robinson BA (Open) PGCE NPQH

Senior Leadership Team

Assistant Head – MFL
Mrs C Kennedy BA(Hons) PGCE (University of Nottingham and University of Reading)

Head of Pre – Prep  – Teaching and Learning
Mrs C Cox BSc(Hons) PGCE (University Wales Institute Cardiff/St Mary’s University College, Twickenham)
– Teaching and Learning.

Director of Teaching & Learning – Science – Form EG10/11D (Maternity)
Mrs J Hendriksen BSc (Hons) PGCE (University of Southampton) 

Finance Officer
Mrs J Ella Bsc (Hons) (University of Bradford)

Estates & Facilities Manager
Mr R C Plumpton

Management Staff

Joint Head of Accelerated Learning Centre – SENCo 
Mrs S Clarke BA (Joint Hons) PGCE OCR Cert SpLD OCR Dip SpLD (University College of North Wales, University of Nottingham & Helen Arkell Dyslexia Centre

Joint Head of Accelerated Learning Centre – SENCo 
Mrs A L Millar BA DipEd OCR Certificate SpLD (Stirling University) OCR Dip SpLD (Helen Arkell Dyslexia Centre)

Section Leader Y3/4 – Sustainablility Co-ordinator – Form 3S
Form 3S: Mr D Boynes BA(Hons); QTS (Canterbury and Christchurch University)

Section Leader Y5/6 – MAGT & Enrichment / ITT / English – Form 5W
Mrs R Cox BA Hons (Warwick University) PGCE (Reading University) ENGLISH

Section Leader Y7/8 – Transition – Geography – Form 6A
Mrs K King BA (Hons) QTS (University of Surrey)

Heads of Department and Teaching Staff

English – EG7A
Mrs S Walden BA (hons) PGCE (University of Essex and Westminster College Oxford)

English – 6M
Miss A Schmidt BA (Hons) Primary Teaching with English Specialism

English and Performing Arts – 6O
Mr R Clayton BA (Hons) (Queen’s University of Belfast) PGCE QTS (University of Buckingham)

Head of Maths
Mr P V Miles BEd (North Cheshire College)

Mr G Snook BSc (City University) BEd (University of North London)

Maths, Biology & Physics
Mrs M Stylo BSc (University of Natal)

Science – Chemistry & Biology – EG8T
Mr J Haskins BA (hons) (BSc (hons))

Science – Biology & Chemistry – ICT
Mr D Yilma MA (Charles University Prague)

Head of ICT – EG9G
Mr G Swainston-Harrison HDE (University of Natal)

Director of Music – EG8E
Miss A Whiterod BMus PGCE (University of Surrey / Roehampton University)

Assistant Director of Music
Mrs R Frost BMus (Hons) (Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama) PGCE (University of Reading)

Assistant Director of Music

Head of Girls’ Sport – EG8E
Miss R Fuller BSc(Hons) (University of Wales Institute Cardiff)

Girls’ Sport – 5B
Miss S Taylor BSc (Hons) (University of Gloucester) QTS (University of Reading)

Sport & Maths EG8
Miss A Kelly BA (University of Chichester)

Head of Boys’ Sport
Mr C Gingell BSc(Hons) PGCE (University of Portsmouth & University of Reading)

Boys’ Sport
Mr S Dewar BSc (Hons) (University of Wales) PGCE (University of Reading)

Mr R Cohen BSc (Hons)

Head of History – EG7D
Mr D Holdway BA (Hons) QTS (University of Exeter)

Mr A Hopkins B:Ed(Hons) (West Sussex Institute)

Head of RS, Charity & Outreach – Form 4E
Mr A Rex BPrimEd (University of the Witwatersrand)

Head of Art and Design
Mrs C Saynor BA (Hons) MA PGCE (Kingston University)

Art / DT
Mrs S Gowans BA(Hons) PGCE (Central Saint Martins College & Goldsmiths University of London)

DT & Food Technology
Mrs S Hand BA (Hons) QTS (TVU London)

Mrs L Cockle BA (Hons) & MA in HRMgt, PGCE (Universite de la Mediterranee/ Essex University)

Mrs L Thompson BA (Hons) University of Hull PGCE University of Nottingham

English & Art
Mrs J Cooke BEd (Charlotte Mason Teacher Training College – University of Lancaster)

Form 5B – ALC
Mrs M Spiers BEd (La Sainte Union College Southampton)

Form 4H
Mrs L Woodhouse BA (Hons) Thames Valley University, PGCE London Metropiolitain, MA (STEM) Brunel University

Form 4L
Mrs J Reincke BA (Hons) University of Bedford, PGCE University of Buckingham

Form 3C
Mr A Cluett BSc (Hons) MSc PGCE (University of Exeter/University of Reading)

Form 3B
Miss V Carberry BA (Hons) QTS (Reading University)

Form 2H
Miss G Harrison BA (Hons) PGCE QTS (Winchester University & University of Buckingham)

Form 2K
Miss C O’Brien BA (Hons) University of Winchester PGCE Oxform Brookes University

Form 1O
Mrs S Tims  MDrama (University of Kent PGCE University of Reading)

Form 1K
Ms A Moutrie BSc(Hons) Cert. Ed. (University of London; University of Reading)

Form RF
Miss K Carroll BA(Open); PGCE (University of Buckingham)

Reception Co-ordinator – Form RR
Mr R Chotai BA(Hons); QTS (University of Lancaster/St. Martin’s College London)

Learning Outside the Classroom – Form 1O 
Mrs H Cluett BLaw (Hons) (University of Reading) PGCE (University of Reading)

Teacher in Training
Miss T J Taylor BA Joint (Hons) (University of Cumbria)

Teacher in Training Sport, English, Maths, Science
Mr R Churchouse BSc (Hons) (Nottingham Trent University)

Accelerated Learning Centre

Mrs L Lucas OCR (Helen Arkell Dyslexia Centre)

Mrs C Mackworth-Praed BA (Hons) QTS OCR Level 7 Dip.SpLDs (University of Nottingham & University of Warwick;Newbury College)

Mrs N Neathey BEd (Hons) (Bristol University) QTS OCR Level 5 Cert.SpLDs (Helen Arkell Dyslexia Centre)

Little Grange

Nursery Manager – Forest School Leader
Mrs J Fifield NNEB (Canterbury College) NVQ4 Children’s Care, Learning % Development

Nursery Assistant Mr B Brombley NVQ3
Nursery Assistant Mrs L Gericke
Nursery Assistant Mrs S Short NNEB
Nursery Assistant Mrs L Wooster Cache Level

Learning Support Staff

Teacher Mrs C Smith Cert Ed (Brentwood College of Further Education)
Teaching Assistant Miss N Baldwin
Pastoral Support Assistant / Librarian Mrs J Braithwaite
Teaching Assistant Mrs J Boret NVQ3
Teaching Assistant Mrs S Clayton BA (Hons) OCR Level 3
Teaching Assistant Mrs K Farrar NVQ3 Early Years Care and Education/Child Psychology
Teaching Assistant Mrs S Mason NCT Level 4
Teaching Assistant Mrs M Poland HLTA
Teaching Asssitant Miss H Poland
Teaching Assistant Mrs D Smalley HLTA
Teaching Assistant Mrs K Stollery HLTA
Teaching Assistant Mrs R De Souza NVCCLD
Teaching Assistant Mrs K Smallbone NVQ Level 3
Science / Art Technician Mrs R O’Brien
Teaching Assistant Miss G Farrell
Teaching Assistant Mrs R Surrall

Administration Staff

Headteacher’s PA/ Registrar: Mrs J Dever
Marketing Manager: Mrs D Marriott
Marketing Administrator: Mrs J Stone
School Secretary: Mrs L Bulpett
Matron: Mrs A Spence
Catering Company:  Thomas Franks

Other Members of Staff

Music Department

Bassoon: Mrs J Asher
Drums: Mr A Burt / Mr S Brett
Violin: Mrs V Glynn
Trumpet: Mr K Ransom
Cello: Mrs S Riddex
Piano/Cello: Mrs H Deeks
Flute: Ms E Scott
Guitar: Mr M Whalley
Contemporary Vocals/Keyboard/Piano & Saxophone: Mr P Wright


Cookery: Mrs H Harling
Tennis Coach: Mr G Saffery
Gymnastics: Mrs M Dunn/Mrs P Norris
Speech & Drama: Mrs H Jenvey
Archery: Miss A Rashad
Street Dance: Mrs E Little
Judo: Mr M Fricker / Mr J Woolerton
Fencing: Mrs C Vincente   



Mr D Milam
Mr D Eley
Mr M Moorby

Minibus Driver:

Mr P Ward

Kitchen Staff:

Mrs S Harmsworth
Mrs W Pickett
Mrs K Dowling
Miss K White
Miss S Gwilliam
Miss G Gibson