This involves 5 units over a two year period, of 1 ½ hours a week in 5 week blocks. Each unit is in addition to the main curriculum but has an element of ‘wonder and awe’ and gives more depth and substance.

Each unit is planned in the form of a ‘project’ and each project will have an outcome which will be shared. Included in this are a scholarship section and a CE revision section. To summarise:

  • Units are written with a view to create ‘wonder and awe’ – a curriculum for all pupils where they can achieve and enjoy whilst being challenged.
  • Units include:
    1. Science and Engineering
    2. Team Leadership
    3. Media
    4. Languages
    5. Food Technology
    6. Design 
    7. Research & Presentation
  • Units are assessed
  • Some units can form part of the Arts Award and / or HG award scheme
  • All children will work towards Arts Award (Bronze in Y7, Silver in Y8 and Gold in Y9)
  • In ICT, the EGE units will take technology ‘beyond’ curriculum and have an end result – film /video making. Web design, programming etc.
  • Extracurricular units and award scheme run alongside this.